Ouzo Tirnavou Katsaros

the secret

Distillation, a magical process, full of energy and anticipation, tied with a feast of 14 herbs and seeds. History put them together to dance with their aromas in the secret, 160-year-old recipe of Ouzo Katsaros.

the place

A blessed place, where the clear sky and the fertile land and the gurgling waters of Olympus mingle passionately. They make our soul pure and the fruits of the Thessalian plain crystalline and selected. Frontrunners on the long journey.

the “meraki”

The irresistible attraction of our soul, colored with stubbornness and inspiration. Our love is fixed and our lives are committed to the pure path of our family history. How to resist the call of creation that makes the magic come true in Ouzo Katsaros?

the experience

Small moments of experience slowly weave, 4 generations now, the myth of Ariadne who shows the way through the labyrinth of choices. Building a wall of experience that tames the anarchy of materials and makes them accept their destination without protest.

aromas & flavors

A source that exudes intoxicating aromas that seduce even the last centimeter of your soul. Melodies of flavors made from whispers of nature, put inside a glass. Pleasure that does not accept rules, makes the world around you synchronize with you. There are no secret ways, freedom of choice leads to the personal enjoyment of Ouzo Katsaros.

the essence

Here is the moment of absolute harmony. Flowers became fragrance and flavor and are generously given to you. Like lava that flows and feels you again, it gives you fresh breath in this anarchic moment. You taste Ouzo Katsaros and it fills you with a pleasant euphoria. Now everything is betrayed and they make you, the lucky one, steal it and make it yours in a relationship of truth.

Ouzo Katsaros
Ouzo Katsaros
Ouzo Katsaros