inspired by the exquisite “Muscat” sorts!

By selecting the best muscat grapes which experts define as one of the oldest varieties, we create unique and authentic spirit with rich flavor and natural taste. This quality is achieved by using seeds and herbs harvested with great care. For the production of 1 liter tsipouro 5 kilograms of grapes are used. This ensures the qualityof the product. The drink is produced only in Greece, as the European Union recognizes this right through the ‚trademarks of origin’ programme. Tsipouro Jivaeri will charm with its magic every connoisseur of the unique quality!

An exclusively distilled spirit!

Jivaeri tsipouro captivates all the consumers who prefer anise flavored beverages and those who prefer the pure taste and flavor as well.

a traditional drink of the Greek countryside

Today tsipouro is winning over more and younger people, who are turning to their roots, seeking for traditional Greek values, authentic tastes and intensive flavours. They rediscover the pure brilliant character of the drink. The way it is enjoyed in some regions in Greece has its varieties, but the magnificent thrill it can offer never changes. Tsipouro resembles the country that has discovered it: it can endure over time, tsipouro changes, adapts, without ever losing its pure, authentic character…

how to drink

If we want to add ice to tsipouro with anise, it is better to add cool water first and then the ice in order to avoid the formation of anethole crystals in the glass. In order to enjoy the aromatic and taste characteristics of tsipouro plain, we advise to consume it chilled, without adding neither water, nor ice.




Tsipouro JIVAERI 500