Katsaros Liqueur

with traditional and unique recipe

We produce liqueur with fresh fruit and flowers, with great taste and bright colors. Since 1931, KATSAROS family products are exported in 3 continents and is awarded in exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.

With respect to our history, we took the responsibility to travel our liqueurs further…

passionate flavors and aromas when you meet them, just keep them with you…

The traveler is not afraid of the weather and difficulties, the traveler simply enjoys the way up to reach his goal, to fill his thirst for the new, the different, the possible. This is beyond the average. This makes his character and knows what he wants. While travelling, he meets flavors which trust his imagination and perfumes which trust his instinct. Flavors and aromas that carry within them their own traveled world and looking for the opportunity to stand beside it.




katsaros liquers
katsaros elegant liquer