Our History

katsaros history

since 1856

It all started here, in the region of Tirnavos in 1856. Nikolaos Katsaros’s cauldron of raki created a spirit of exceptional taste and unique aroma. That moment was born the ouzo.

The original recipe that created the Ouzo Katsaros was kept as a secret family heirloom. With 14 herbs and seeds, with crystal clear water of Olympus and the well-kept secret, we create even today our high quality Ouzo. Ouzo Katsaros quickly became friends and identified with the Greek temperament and Greek cuisine. In 1889, the year of the Fourth Zappeian Olympiad, is already a recognized and award winning drink.

Leading marketer of the Katsaros Nikolaos era saw Ouzo to leave the country limits. The next generation, the era of 1931, finds Ouzo Katsaros exported to France, Egypt, America and has retail stores in Larissa, Thessaloniki, Athens and New York.

katsaros apostagmata istoriko

KATSAROS DISTILLERY keeps the brunt of a heavy history of 160 years.

It is a four generations family run located in Tyrnavos. It is the oldest distillery of ouzo in Greece and the world, since there was born Ouzo, this national product. Here we continue to distill Ouzo as then, with the same recipe since 1856.

Our proprietary facilities 6.000m2 are equipped with sophisticated means, that combine tradition with technology.

Distilleries and art tanks, automated bottling line and production capacity of 2,000 bottles per hour. All made with expertise and knowledge with the sole purpose of producing absolutely high quality spirits. There are quality distinctions and medals given to our products at exhibitions and international competitions.

Consolidating and our recognition in Greece never tranquilize us. The extroversion of KATSAROS comapany was evident since 1932 with exports to France, Egypt and America. We continue with exports to Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Holland Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Iraq, Cyprus, Japan, Scotland, Congo mission, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Russia.

Our presence in exhibitions in Greece and abroad was and is our main concern. Exhibitions such as FINE FOOD in Australia, the SIAL in Paris, the ANUGA & PROWEIN in Germany and PROWINE in China, have opened the way to our products for the international market.

We are proud of the efforts of generations vindicated and we are the followers.